All data is specific to San Diego County

Fast Facts?

  • Average Annual Salary $51,441
  • Hourly Pay Entry Level: $29.35
    Median: $36.77
    Experienced: $43.88
  • Growth (2014-2019)8%
  • Openings (2014-2019)157
  • Current Employment 3,504
  • Projected Employment 3,549
  • Typical Entry-level Education High school diploma or equivalent

Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

Employment, 2004 - 2019

Top Knowledge,
Skills and Abilities

  • First Aid
  • Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Experience
  • Prosecution
  • Inspection
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Writing
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Microsoft Word

occupational tasks

  • Investigate illegal or suspicious activities
  • Drive vehicles or patrol specific areas to detect law violators, issue citations, and make arrests
  • Record facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities
  • Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations
  • Patrol specific area on foot, horseback, or motorized conveyance, responding promptly to calls for assistance

Gender Breakdown: Male/Female (percentages)